Ticks can be an absolute nightmare for any property owner. Destruction of goods, spreading diseases and contaminating everything they come in contact with, ticks have wrecked homes, shut down businesses, and reputations ruined. These pests enter our homes through pets and plants. These tiny annoying bloodsucking creatures cause severe itching, rashes, and infections if left unchecked for long. Ticks inhabit pet fur, plants, and your scalp- they are parasites thriving on your blood. Their bites though painless can pose serious medical threats for human beings if ignored. Getting rid of ticks involves both chemical and non-chemical solutions for controlling their population and exterminating the ones inhabiting your house. Rely on the PrimeClean Pest Control who will calibrate the safest and most effective methods to deal with the problem.

Types of Ticks found in Australia

The hot, dry climate of Australia facilitates the growth of ticks. There are loads of tick species found in Australian homes that invade private spaces, and nooks and crannies of commercial undertakings, and personal residences. Some of the tick species found here include the American dog tick, Lone Star tick, Blacklegged tick, brown dog tick and winter tick. Some of the tick bites are fatal while others cause minor discomfort and pain.

Dangers of Ticks Infestation

You can get attacked by ticks both indoors and outdoors, a camping trip or lounging around in the garden brings you near these blood-sucking creatures. Tick bites though painless can prove to be deadly for humans and animals. The bite injects a toxin in your body that can cause mild irritation and allergic reaction. In Australia, tick-borne diseases include the tick typhus or spotted fever, Flinders Island spotted fever and tick paralysis. Tick bites can trigger headaches, rashes, flu, weakness in limbs and partial paralysis of facial muscles. Lyme disease is another burning medical ailment that includes fever, fatigue, myalgia, inflammation of lymph glands and joint pain. A simple antibiotic or rash cream can ease the pain of the bite. In case the problem persists, consult a doctor.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Professional pest control services come in handy when you want long term solutions for tick infestation. Sometimes DIY traps and home-made remedies fail to eradicate the nesting ground. It requires hard-core chemicals and pest treatments for exterminating the pests completely. The PrimeClean Pest Control team is well-equipped to locate the breeding site and to dispose of them efficiently.

Will Home Remedies Work?

A minor case of tick infestation can be curbed on a personal scale without spending a fortune on hiring professionals. Keeping your house clean, washing all the linen with lye soap and grooming your pet thoroughly are a few home remedies that you can apply to ensure that ticks do not invade your homes. You can even purchase over-the- counter bug sprays and chemicals that can effectively finish off the ticks. However, in case the infestation is severe, consult professionals.

Professional Pest Control Techniques

Firstly we inspect the property thoroughly. All the products used are completely authentic and approved by the state and pose little threat to the surrounding areas and inhabitants of the house.

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