Primeclean undertakes Spider Treatment and Spider Pest Control for external & internal areas Sydney wide. We bring existing spider infestation under control with our spider safe treatment and provide ongoing maintenance & control in your homes and offices..

Our Spider Treatment and Pest Control service in Sydney are innovative, safe and effective, offering comprehensive range of spider treatment services to suit your specific spider pest control needs. Primeclean is a fully equipped to handle any spider treatment and control problem.

To prevent spiders from entering your house, take these steps:

  • Seal home foundation cracks and other access holes
  • Keep areas around home foundations free of clutter

Manage spiders using these tips:

  • Indoors, regular housecleaning provides adequate spider control.
  • Vacuum up the spider and its web.
  • Prevent clutter build up that can provide hiding places.


Do you think that spiders may be invading your home?

PrimeClean uses special Green Safe naturalpyrethroid spider control and spider treatment insecticide, which is produced by the flowers of pyrethrums.

Warning Pesticide safety: –

Be wary of very cheap prices for spider control and treatments- check which pesticides are to be used do they use the far cheaper, less effective, solvent based pesticides which can be harmful in premises for your health, the health of the occupants and pets.

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