Specialized Rug Cleaning in our Rug Cleaning Facility


with our advanced rug cleaning plant our specialist rug cleaners and rug cleaning Sydney based service, will treat your rug gently from the moment of arrival, absolutely like an irreplaceable family heirloom. read further to get a clear idea about what goes into your rug cleaning.

before we begin the rug cleaning process, the rug undergoes a three stage pre-cleaning:

  • examination – your rug is thoroughly examined by our specialist rug cleaners before any rug cleaning and all conditions are carefully documented on your invoice for future reference.
  • loose dirt removal – our state of the art equipment for rug cleaning uses micro-agitation to gently remove all loose dirt and debris.
  • colourfast test for dye stability – no strict chemical or dye creation standards exist throughout the rug making regions of the world. we carefully test your rug for colourfastness and contact you with any concerns. we also adjust our washing process for any unfornseen damage control.

Rug cleaning

your rug is now carefully hand-washed / or by state of the art specialist rug cleaning machine depending on the fibre condition. heavily soiled areas are treated one spot at a time. a specially formulated enzyme is used to treat any pet-soiled areas removing both the stains and accompanying urine odors.

Rinsing the rug

your rug is thoroughly rinsed using state of the art compression equipment specifically designed to rinse and remove all cleaning solutions residues from the rug fibers – your rug stays cleaner longer.

grooming and drying the rug

immediately following water-extraction, your rug is gently groomed; optional stain protection are then applied and your rug is transported to our drying facility. drying is individually timed to your rug’s size and specifications like weave thickness etc.

investing in the future

your freshly cleaned rug not only looks and feels cleaner, its colors also appears brighter and the rug smells fresh! the rug cleaning by our expert technicians not only helps to restore beauty of your rug, but it also extends the life and value of your treasured investment.

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