Specialised Rug Cleaning in our advanced rug cleaning facility…

primeclean has been serving the needs of the sydney residents cleaning carpets and rugs for quite a few years. at primeclean, we have built our carpet and rug cleaning  reputation on experience, education, the state of the art techniques and equipments, our self developed chemical free and environmentally safe cleaning agents and most of all our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

primeclean has received certification and recognition from several recognized certifying bodies for the carpet and rug cleaning industry.

we hold multiple certifications and are constantly  recommended by our own clients and by local area realtors, and carpet retailers.. you can depend on primeclean to completely satisfy all of your carpet and rug cleaning needs.

every rug is one of a kind and we at primeclean understand and appreciates the individuality of each piece. that is why when cleaning a rug we take great pride and care in preserving the integrity of the dyes and patterns and never let any rug soak in liquid.

knowing the type of rug that we are working with is vital in determining the cleaning method of the rugs and ensuring that we do everything possible to protect rug dyes from bleeding, and migrating.

when you hire us for your rug cleaning and carpet cleaning needs, you get the most outstanding service experience ever!

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