so what is the primedri system of carpet cleaning?

the primedri system of carpet cleaning is low moisture, high heat pure steam, high suction that results in cleaner and healthier carpets naturally ready to use within minutes of being cleaned and not days!

not only your carpet stays cleaner for longer with prime dri system but also because the power of the natural pure steam, it kills all the germs allergy bacteria and dust mites in the fiber whether it is carpet, upholstery, rug or mattress or any fiber natural or synthetic.

our prime dri system of carpet cleaning and mattress cleaning is combined with our green safe, biodegradable, non-toxic citro02-dry. this makes it safe on all carpet fibers whether it is the finest chinese silk rug, wool carpets, the grubbiest new generation nylon carpet or a beer soaked hotel woolen carpet. with our prime dri system, your carpets and mattress will be washed clean and smell new and fresh.

prime clean carpet cleaning service provider is committed to the environment and uses only green seal technology cleaning solutions which is safe for your health, children and pets and prove to be non-irritant even to the most sensitive.

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