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we are your all-in-one pest control provider in sydney offering quality pest control solutions for industry, business, and your home. we can resolve any pest problem, big or small, with the help of our qualified and certified technicians using only eco-safe approved pyrethrins pesticide.

we bring you professional, efficient and environmentally friendly flea control, cockroaches’ control, spider control and all your other pest control services in Sydney.

while many of us think of pests as nuisances, they can in fact pose serious health risks for you, your family and your business. the good news is that at primeclean we can help you determine the extent of dangers you face and provide you with environmentally responsible and safe solutions.

insects and other pests are vital to our ecosystems. it’s when they make themselves at home in your home or business those problems arisen. rodents and roaches can spread infectious diseases flies spread harmful bacteria. spider bites can be painful and may require immediate medical attention.

our goal at pest control sydney is to protect your family and business from unwanted pests and pest-related illnesses by using the best strategy or combination of strategies in each situation.

we specialise in

  • cockroaches control
  • flea control
  • spider control
  • nd all you other pest needs

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