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we have developed this section for people who are considering package deals to get their homes cleaned.we have tried to highlight some practical aspects that should be considered before signing home cleaning packaged deals.

read about our platinum and gold deals for cleaning services and let us know how we can help you. depending upon your specific needs we also offer your tailor made cleaning package for you.in the unregulated carpet cleaning industry, anyone can operate as a carpet cleaner without any training or skills at all. in a competitive market, all that most companies offer you as a reason to choose them is a cheaper price. and what you as their client have to understand is that the cheaper their price, the less time they can afford to spend on your carpet. the less time spent, the lower the standard of clean you can expect. a home cleaning package deal with a firm like that is certainly something you should steer clear of.

of course, it’s your choice – a “splash and dash” operator who can cause long term damage to your valuable carpets and have it wet and smelly for days, or a fully certified technician, formally trained and qualified by examination, and who will meet the australian standards as a minimum requirement.make no mistake carpet cleaning is a science, which requires skill and expertise that can only be obtained by formal training. a carpet cleaning package deal or home cleaning deal with an experienced and qualified staff is what will bring you great results that will last much longer.

primeclean, the sydney based home and carpet cleaning agents offer certified australian institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration certification (iicrc) and australian carpet cleaning institute (acci) trained carpet cleaning technicians to care for all your upholstery and carpet cleaning requirements to the australian standard as/nzs: 3733-1995. following the guidelines as stated in iicrc s001-1999 carpet cleaning standards

carpets are considered an investment to a person or company. if they are not maintained correctly it may become more of an expense when you have to replace it.if you hire our cleaning services our goal is simple; to make your carpets look good, last longer and make it as sanitary and odor free as possible..

platinum service includes

  • inspect the carpet, to identify the stain and carpet fibers.
  • pre vacuum each room, by using our industrial strength vacuum cleaners to deep clean all the dirt, and soil from the carpet fibers.
  • rotary carpet shampoo to loosen contaminants and bring soiling to the surface.
  • pre-spraying citr02-dry™, which penetrates deep in the fabric soils and loosen stubborn contaminants.
  • using the steam extractor method to deep clean the carpet fibers, and kill all the living bacteria’s and germs deep in the fabrics with our exclusive deep cycle sanitation.
  • using our exclusive primedri™ turbo drying system to quicken the drying process for you convenience, which speeds the drying process by up to 80% .
  • deodorising and the sanitation of carpets.
  • all fiber rinse will be applied, which will help the carpet be soft to the touch, balance its ph and assist in the drying process.spot and stain removal

Our policy for stain removal is as follows

normal spotting and stain removal is included in our cleaning price and our steam cleaning process package.if at the completion of cleaning there are stains that have not been removed in the cleaning process that require extra treatments such as “heat transfer methods” or “spot dyeing”, these procedures will be discussed with you and a quote given for the removal of these more difficult stains.

we will also discuss with you whether the stain will respond to extra treatment and the likelihood of the stain being able to be removed, partially removed or lightened or if the stain is deemed permanent.stains that require ‘heat transfer methods” can take up to 30 minutes per stain. please note that some stains that are deemed permanent will not remove with any treatments. we do not guarantee removal of permanent stains.

often extra treatments as mentioned above are not required as 85% of spots and stains are removed in the initial cleaning process.

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