Your Mattress Is Without a Doubt, One Of The Dirtiest Objects You Will Have Close Contact With During Your Entire Life!

mattress cleaning and mattress stains removal is one of the most important things you should be getting done as a minimum once a year especially if you or any of your family members suffer from allergy, asthma, eczema, hay fever, sinus pain and early morning fits of excessive sneezing.

a clean mattress with our exclusive primedri system, hospital grade germicidal and anti-bacterial products will help you sleep better and feel better by minimizing you allergy symptoms.

be very careful from companies using high toxic chemicals in there mattress cleaning system


so you want to have a clean mattress by hiring a specialist mattress cleaning service?

mattress cleaning is very different to carpet cleaning because the cleaning solutions that have to be used must be hospital grade, environmentally friendly and the most important part it will eliminate dust mite, germs and bacteria.

with majority mattress cleaning systems around using only some sort of suction by vacuuming the surface of the mattress and then spraying the mattress with some ant-bacterial and dust mite treatment you have to ask yourself what happens to the mattress stains or the dust mite and allergies?

and if they use any mattress stains removal surely not rinsing the cleaning solutions out your mattress with out any steam or water is not a good idea since you or the loved once will be sleeping on it.

also what about all the body oils, dead skin flakes, hair from our human body or even pets that attaches itself to the mattress fibre?

that’s why vacuuming solutions with out any high heat wont be such a great idea as well we all know only pure steam will break down the dust mites life cycle, removes the stains on the mattress while they being sanitized and gets rid of all the body oils, dead skin flakes, hair plus all the germs which attach it self on the mattress surface and only pure steam with strong suction will break it all down.

so why are we different than your average mattress cleaning, mattress stains and mattress cleaning sydney company?

  • we use pure steam with our exclusive primedri system not hot water which is cald “steam cleaning”, for all your mattress cleaning and mattress stains which results in healthier clean mattress naturally.
  • our green clean technology citro2-dry
  • anti allergen, germicidal agent and anti-bacterial all included in our treatment.
  • specialised stain, odour removal products.
  • we use only industrial equipments with high suction and pure steam.

so don’t be fooled by companies offering only vacuum solution and spraying your mattress with stain removal and antibacterial, we all know pure steam and high heat with a strong suction is the only clinical proven system to destroy and eliminate all the germs, bacteria and dust-mites.

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