Are you sleeping with enemy ?


the mattress cleaning and mattress cleaning services solutions offered at primeclean sydney are organic, non-toxic and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions for all your mite mattress, dust mite mattress and dust mites mattress treatment. organic mattress cleaning and mattress cleaning services are done using the products and practices which minimize health and environmental impact compared to traditional mattress cleaning products and practices. unlike traditional cleaning, organic mattress cleaning,mite mattress, dust mite mattress and dust mites mattress treatment cleaning goes beyond simple appearance.

if you or anyone in your family identifies with any of the following allergy related maladies such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, bronchitus, inflammation of the mucous membranes, itchy red eyes, headaches, sinus pain, fatigue, early morning fits of excessive sneezing, even a feeling of depression when you wake up, you may well be sleeping with the enemy.these little dangerous creatures, not visible to the human eye. they’re so small that as many as 1000 of them could be placed on the head of a pin. and guess where their favorite breeding spot is? yes, that’s right . . .the mattress. their ideal home!

but why the mattress? because it’s warm, often moist, cozy, easy to burrow into and full of their their kind of food…skin flakes. the skin flakes every human being sheds every day and night of his or her life, no matter what their age, sex or state of health and you can’t vacuum them away. our scientifically proven mattress cleaning and mattress cleaning services are an all-natural, chemical-free, treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, mite, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in all mattresses.

our mattress cleaning system and mattress cleaning services is based on a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device with our added hospital grade eucalyptus oil which well get rid of all the dust mites, mite, fungal and any harmful debris found in the mattress.did you know recent studies have shown that exposure to house dust mite allergens is a significant risk factor for the development of allergic diseases, such as asthma and rhinitis (hay fever). according to dr. zeldin, of the national institute of environmental health sciences (niehs).


  • we shed 10,000 million scales of bacteria laden skin each day, most end up in our mattresses.
  • dust mites produce 200 times its body weight in excrement during their normal life span.
  • dust mites feast for up to 170 days on our shed skin.
  • dust mites spread rapidly. a female dust mite lays 300 eggs.
  • they can live without food for up to a year.

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