Leather Cleaning

leather cleaning can be confusing. if you would look on the web, you will find enough information about leather cleaning experts to confuse you. each leather cleaning website claiming to be doing the best job.

the method primeclean – the sydney based leather cleaning experts adopt for cleaning leather is determined by the type of the stain and also the type of the leather. before we start cleaning leather, we determine whether the leather is finished or unfinished.

we follow a certain process and use specific products to keep your leather looking fabulous. we repair the leather if required, remove stains, clean the leather, condition it and at the end of the process, polish it to restore its original sheen.

our professional leather cleaning system primeleather care is ph balanced for leather and formulated for enhanced leather capabilities this unique formula is custom blended to clean and rejuvenate fine leather surfaces with conditioner features a unique protective barrier that which helps to prevent soiling from stains such as dirt, grease, ink, grime and body oils.

our primclean leather care system is a natural water based cleaner designed to remove surface grime and in-grained dirt without leaving any residue. free from any harsh detergents or solvents will not damage or discolour finished leather surfaces and helps:

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