consumer warning

how to choose carpet cleaners & carpet cleaning services in sydney!

here, we will discuss some consumer warnings, tricks and scams that been used by carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning services and carpet cleaning companies.

so before you choose your carpet, upholstery and leather cleaning service provider make sure you read this warning to have a better idea and understanding why cheap does end up being expensive and can cost you more money and headache in the long run. have you ever had?

  • wet carpets that took days to dry?
  • carpets, upholstery or mattresses that go brown and patchy after cleaning?
  • carpets that get dirty quickly after cleaning?
  • sticky smelly carpets or carpet cleaners using harsh toxic chemicals that smell so bad and you weren’t able to be in your house while they were cleaning.
  • bait and switch advertising, cheap advertised prices like 3 rooms for $39 only to be pressured into paying hundreds of dollars more.
  • poor value for money?

have you ever given a thought to why do these things happen?

it is because the carpet cleaning, upholstery and mattress cleaning industry is still quite unorganized and until 1994 there wasn’t any formal training available for it. as a result of which, majority of carpet cleaners are owner operator who are using old out dated equipments, they have simply purchased old or used equipments and have called themselves carpet cleaners. they have never been formally trained on providing a quality service.

these carpet cleaners are an unskilled that dont think twice before using harsh toxic cheap or even home made cleaning agents damaging your health your children’s health and stripping years of your carpet fiber which cause the carpet, upholstery or even mattress to wear and tear rapidly.

they are unqualified and desperate for business (hence advertising cheap prices so they get there foot thru the door then you end up paying 8 up to 10 times more or using out of dated equipments which can be purchased from your local hardware store).

or just using cheap prices offering ridiculously high discount prices and the hasty “in and out” cleans often resulting in long-term damage to your treasured carpets, upholstery or rugs and more importantly your health.

your carpet is one of the expensive items in the household and needs to be correctly maintained to ensure you get value for money. that simply can’t be done with cheap carpet cleaners the “splash and dash brigade” who only see you as a soft and easy target.

make no mistake carpet mattress and upholstery cleaning is a science that requires a combination of skills using the right non toxic cleaning solutions and expertise that can only be obtained with the help of formal training and quality up to date equipments and cleaning solutions.

all other trades undergo formal training with licensing. carpet cleaners,carpet cleaning services and carpet cleaning companies should be no different.

so why choose primeclean?

we have a team of qualified technicians with the iicrc.
we use only eco-green environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
we offer state-of-the-art up to date truck mounted equipment producing pure steam with our exclusive primedri system which been recognized world wide as one of the safest most effective natural carpet treatments.

make sure you read the following article by choice on carpet cleaning before calling any carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning services.

click here to read this warning by choice magazine, australian consumers association’smagazine for its independent report and review on carpet cleaning

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