What is being used to clean your carpet ?


after years of research the latest safest carpet steam cleaning system is here.

just imagine the power of orange oil solvent (d-limonene), citrus peel extract and citrus oils combined with the force of oxygen which will whiten and brighten by releasing oxygen, which has the ability to break stains, and disinfect and deodorize your carpet, upholstery fabric, blinds and even your mattress. this is the only proven and safest method to deep cleans the fibers naturally with out the added phosphates, edta’s or nta’s, which is widely used in the carpet cleaning industry in general. .

citro2-dry is an exclusive and a trademark of primeclean. in fact citro2-dry is the only carpet cleaning product that uses natural orange oil solvent (d-limonene) and citrus oils, and vegetable oil based detergents. no other system can outperform this solution on the greasiest soil in restaurants or the hardest to clean acrylic carpet.
this carpet steam clean solution cuts through filthy mess like knife, with special additives that dissolve heavy staining and food.

this carpet steam cleaning product is also low in ph and meets all the criteria and specifications set by as 3733 meaning, it is safe on all carpet fibers, whether it be the finest chinese silk rug, the grubbiest new generation nylon carpet or a beer soaked hotel woolen carpet.

imagine the natural aroma of orange, left behind to remove odors like the “wet dog” smell of damp wool or flooded carpets after you have got your carpet steam cleaned from us.

his carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning product contains no artificial color, preservatives or perfume. it contains no preservatives that would otherwise slow down its biodegradability which reassures you that you have chosen an environmentally friendly product to care for your self and your loved once.

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