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as leather cleaning professionals based in sydney, our sincere advise to those of you owning the stylish and classy leather furnishings is that - don't leave your leather furniture to slowly deteriorate from u/v exposure, dust, body oil. or leather's other natural enemies that can settle in the pores of your leather and cause premature erosion of your valuable asset.

our professional leather cleaning system primeleather care is ph balanced for leather and formulated for enhanced leather capabilities this unique formula is custom blended to clean and rejuvenate fine leather surfaces with conditioner features a unique protective barrier that which helps to prevent soiling from stains such as dirt, grease, ink, grime and body oils.

our primeleather care system is a natural water based cleaner designed to remove surface grime and in-grained dirt without leaving any residue. free from any harsh detergents or solvents will not damage or discolour finished leather surfaces and helps:

  • repel airborne dust and dirt,
  • minimize leather fading and reduces staining
  • blocks uv rays to help prevent fading
  • helps protect against wear & ageing

so protect your leather furniture today from cracking, drying, fading and peeling, by inhibiting the evaporation of the natural oils found in leather and contact us.

we have a sydney based team of leather care experts waiting to serve you.

click here for a free, no-obligation quote on our services.

or call us:

ph: 1300 131 080

and one of our friendly operators will be able to assist you.

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