24hr Water Damage & Emergency

primeclean – the water damaged carpets and wet carpet experts having years of experience helping families across sydney and drying there wet carpet problems fast

our water damaged carpets restoration technicians use the most effective water dryingl and industrial cleanup methods to ensure the fastest help possible.

call us immediately and our certified technicians will arrive within no time.

water damagerequires immediate attention, so do not delay. call to speak with our water damaged carpet emergency and restoration specialist who can answer all your questions and dry your carpet now.

our services include

  • water damaged carpets
  • wet carpet extraction
  • sewage clean-ups
  • wet carpetl drying
  • odor control
  • sanitization
  • disinfecting
  • carpet cleaning

at primeclean we undertake

restorative cleaning solutions, minimizes water damaged loss, using state-of-the-art equipment, providing expert care, cleans and repairs the effects of water damage, remove mold and provides structural drying, dehumidifies, disinfects, sanitizes etc.

we works with homeowners, offices, corporate business houses, and companies to dry there water damaged carpets fast, and what more, we provide the best prices and all the services you need.

we are certified in water damaged carpets and wet carpet restoration also specialists and certified in mold remediation.

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